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“It must be nice,” they say, “to be on vacation all the time!”

Teachers and professors have heard that phrase many times before.

I love complaining, but I will refrain for the moment.

This is not a complaint; this is just stating the facts.


  1. Yes, I am on vacation right now, but I do not get the two weeks like many teachers in France. I work for different Grandes Écoles, so sometimes one of them is on vacation whereas the other is not. Technically I am on vacation for one week but I have not stopped working.

  2. The students are on vacation. They are off drinking and skiing and not social distancing. I have spent 3 to 5 hours in front of my computer every day doing corrections, writing reports, preparing translations. Here is a breakdown of what I have accomplished.

  • Monday: 3 hours of translation.

  • Tuesday: 3 hours of corrections.

  • Wednesday: Writing a report for 4 hours.

  • Thursday: Writing another report for 3 hours.

  • Friday: 3 hours of corrections.

  • Total: About 25 pages translated, about 90 essays graded, 8 pages of reports written.

  1. My son is on vacation, so my wife and I must balance things. I work in the morning. She works in the afternoon.

  2. My son is on vacation next week too, so my wife and I will balance work, childcare, and more corrections. Luckily most of my classes are online next week.

  3. Any chance I have to take a break, I use it to organise and prepare. This morning I spent 25 minutes setting up my Zoom meetings, emailing reminders, and deciding if I have enough material to get through the lectures.

Those are the facts. They are not complaints. I really enjoy my job and this coming week I get to talk about some really cool topics. Here is a small list of the things that I will get to cover:

  • Human resources! (that exclamation point makes it fun, see?)
  • Geert Hofstede, Culture, Advertising, Brand Blunders
  • Corporate Culture
  • Ethical Business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

I will get to do Case Studies, Role Plays and Lectures. All good teacherly things.