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Goals Update

goals update 100DaysToOffload

On 27 January I wrote about my goals for the year. It is time to see how things are going.

Here were the six goals I gave myself for 2021:

  • Self-host something
    • I will consider this goal as complete. I am using an extra Raspberry Pi to host this blog (Hugo+Nginx) and a Gemini capsule (Agate).
  • Finish converting and organising my presentations to Beamer slides
    • 67% Complete
  • Quit Goodreads and find a replacement that is far away from Amazon.
    • No progress yet.
  • Stop giving Amazon my money.
    • I haven’t purchased anything from Amazon since I gave myself that goal.
  • Record and upload at least one video to TILvids.
    • No progress. No ideas. Some free time.
  • Complete the #100DaysToOffload challenge.
    • This is post 12/100
    • Technically, I have posted more than 12 things but a lot of what I put on Gemini is not very inspired.